Welcome to a homepage devoted to Mustang. As you will notice, the text is mostly in Norwegian. But please enjoy the pictures of some Norwegian Mustangs. I hope to build a large picture base. There might be some interesting links and videos. The purpose of this page is to provide an information channel and a meeting point for Mustang enthusiasts. Feel free to send us mail. I appreciate links and ideas.

Pictures = Galleri  

Gjenkjenning = recognition guide      

Links (including Norwegian homepages and carclubs)

Technical page  (mostly in Norwegian)

Videos (Smoking Mustangs)

Articles (Norwegian and English)

Mustang Speed week  One of the main Norwegian Mustang events

Projects Details on single cars/projects (send pictures!)


See also   http://www.bilstoff.bilfrik.com  for another picture gallery with American and European cars

and http://www.larvik.bilfrik.com for some pictures from pictures from my home-town. (more pictures to come the next months!)